Privacy Policy

The privacy of people who view and visit this site is very important and this is the reason why we protect their data properly. This privacy policy exists when visiting to help us clarify the data we collect and use from people who visit here. For people who visit and view the data we have, it is advisable to understand the imposed policy in advance.

For users or visitors who use this site, it is a requirement to follow the rules that we include on this implemented privacy policy.

Gathering of Information

When collecting data or information from individuals who are viewing our site, we typically ask them to send the name, email, home address, citizenship and more. The collection of data however only happens when the visitors or users present them willingly. When using the data or information we collect, this is only for the purpose of completing their request upon visiting and viewing this site.

Checking and Gathering of Cookies

We check and monitor the different cookies for conformity online and we remind the visitors/users that we also have the consent of the European Union for cookies that originate from them. This step is necessary to make sure we trace people who are visiting us appropriately. The most important data we check and gather from the visitors or users include the browser and OS (operating system). It is important for us to evaluate these data in checking the actual number of visitors/users who read content and how they utilize the website. We utilize these data in expanding online and providing the best services within the implemented guidelines.

Information Distribution

The sharing of information or data only manifest between, governing agencies and service providers with certain agreement when processing the requests. In some cases, we allocate data to legitimate third parties, but it must adhere to the imposed law.

Alteration of Privacy Policy

When we need to change this privacy, it is within our authority to make the adjustments.